Reba McEntire receives mixed comments following her Super Bowl national anthem performance.

Reba McEntire had a fantastic and amazing performance in front of the fans at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, during Sunday night’s Super Bowl.

Her stunning version of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ had the audience roaring, and we at home were left with goosebumps. Chris Jones, the Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive lineman, was noticeably impacted by the experience, and tears began to flow.

The three-time Grammy winner delivered a genuinely memorable performance, and it was exactly what we needed to get the game started!

Reba McEntire’s National Anthem Performance

As we all know, there is no greater stage than screaming out the national anthem before the first kickoff of the Super Bowl, and after Chris Stapleton’s incredible version last year, expectations were sky-high for the renowned Oklahoma native.

Reba’s conclusion drew huge ovation, setting the tone for the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

According to Taste of Country, the NFL engaged a country artist to play the national anthem for the fourth consecutive year in 2024.

A month ago, Reba, 68, disclosed some surprising insights about her performance. In an interview with CBS Mornings, the country artist explained why she accepted the request to sing the national anthem.

“I received the news from my manager…””He said they wanted me to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, well, let me think about that,'” McEntire recounted. “My boyfriend, Rex Linn, a huge football fan, said, ‘Yes! She’ll do it!'” Absolutely!”

According to herself, she was well-prepared for the big event since she had rehearsed hard. “I’ve been singing the national anthem in the shower [and] when we get in the car,” McEntire remarked.

Reba also told Apple Music host Nadeska Alexis that she was “honored beyond words” to be singing at the Super Bowl for the first time ever.

“I get to perform a very special song for all Americans and others all around the world who have worked so hard to secure our freedom and peace. It’s not about me; I’m the embodiment of this song, and I’m simply honored to get the opportunity to sing it. This is an excellent one. I’ve been singing it for 50 years, and I’m quite happy to be able to sing it.”

Mixed responses.

Many fans resorted to social media sites like as X to express their feelings about the performance, with one user focused on McEntire’s face. “She can barely sing with that cosmetic surgery. They tweeted, “Got to bring back Stapleton, he was the best I’ve ever seen.”

Another person had a similar sentiment: “Sorry, I love Reba but I thought she was horrible.”

Others were less harsh, with one commenter remarking, “Outstanding performance by Reba!” “That is how our national anthem should always be sung.”

Each to their own… What did you think about Reba McEntire’s performance? Please let us know in the comments.

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