Reba McEntire, 68, sparks criticism with new hairdo

Country legend Reba McEntire recently found herself at the center of social media controversy over her latest hairstyle, which sparked strong reactions from her followers.

However, this recent hair transformation is not the first time the iconic star has experimented with different looks.

Known for her fiery red curls and dynamic stage presence, McEntire made a bold departure from her signature style, opting for a straighter hairstyle that garnered mixed reviews from the public.

The 68-year-old debuted her transformation in a playful Instagram video where McEntire humorously explored the dressing room of The Voice judges Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, known as the pop duo Dan + Shay, during the show’s 25th season.

While the video was intended to show McEntire’s comedic side, the video inadvertently drew attention to her new hairdo.

Critics wasted no time expressing their opinions, with comments ranging from “Her hair looks terrible. Makes her look old,” to “Not loving the hairstyle. Too flat on your head like a helmet.”

Some even told McEntire to revert to her previous look, with one comment stating: “Girl, this hairstyle is not you. Go back to the old Reba with fluffy hair. Much more attractive on you.”

Even fans who love and adore McEntire voiced their disapproval of the new look, with comments like “Love ya but this flat hair has to go,” and “You are beautiful but the haircut [is] not you.”

Throughout her career, McEntire has been known for her curly, voluminous hair, a symbol of her vibrant personality both on and off stage.

In a past interview with the Dallas Voice from 2015, McEntire reflected on her iconic hair, revealing: “I can’t get [my stylist] Brett Freedman to get it that high anymore! My good friend Shane Tarleton is always saying, ‘Get that big hair out.’”

Despite the mixed reactions to her latest hairstyle, Reba McEntire clearly has a fearless approach to self-expression! While some may prefer the “old Reba” with her fluffy curls, I think her new ‘do shows off her dynamic personality!

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