Photos of Kanye West’s new wife before cosmetic surgery surfaced on the internet: she had practically everything altered.

Each new year, it appears, will begin with heated debates over the personal lives of members of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

So, after just getting his divorce from Kim Kardashian finalized, Kanye West “married” a new girlfriend, his assistant Bianca Censori, last week.

Insiders are talking with Might and Main the fact that the reality star “hated” her ex-husband’s new bride.

Sources claim that this is directly tied to Bianchi’s exterior beauty. However, Internet users were quick to comfort Kim, pointing out that Censori certainly accepted her lead, alluding to plastic surgery.

Journalists from the Daily Mail obtained historical footage of Bianchi the other day. They were given to Bianchi by a classmate.

“She now has a different nose, a different face, and a different body,” a buddy said to reporters.

A school acquaintance of the newly-minted celebrity also stated that Censori was always exceptionally personable and could quickly find common ground with anyone.

“She was undeniably popular. Or perhaps the most lovely female among us all. However, it should be noted that Bianca has never been a cruel girl,” the buddy continued.

She also stated that Bianca was in a three-year relationship prior to the “wedding” with Kanye.

“I don’t think she and Kanye will be together for long.” “Everything seems to be coming to an end pretty quickly,” Censori’s pal emphasized.

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