People laugh and ridicule mom as she tells how she cleans and teaches her 7-year-old how to cook.

Every parent educates their children differently, and so do the lessons we choose to teach them from a young age.

Naturally, this is the case. For example, although some parents prefer to let their children go through a cycle of trying and failing so that they can learn right from wrong via their own experiences, others take a more rigid approach.

Nowadays, most people don’t care who determines how to raise their son or daughter; it’s their choice. However, this does not prevent people from leaving comments and criticisms on the internet anytime a conversation regarding parenting choices begins.

When I was younger, housework seemed to be a natural part of life. Naturally, I’m talking about my siblings, myself, and my mother.

Making beds, cleaning dishes, and helping with food preparation before meals The list is limitless.

Though I know that times change, I believe it is a great idea to have children help with domestic duties as long as there is no danger involved. This will help kids establish solid values and a strong work ethic that will benefit them in the future.

However, it appears that viewpoints vary.A few years back, a mom posted photos of her kid online and detailed how she assigned tasks to him. It appears she learnt this lesson the hard way.

According to reports, the mother in issue, Nikkole Paulun, 22, stated that she would gladly assign her 7-year-old son Lyle to home tasks such as cooking and cleaning.

We can all agree that it isn’t anything too spectacular, but it didn’t stop her internet opponents from viciously attacking her and raising concerns about the child’s emotional health.

The majority of the criticism was directed at the mother’s choice to post her son’s duties online, expressing worries for other parents as well as the likelihood that the child might not want his routine acts to be viewed by so many strangers on the internet.

In the comments, a mother even went so far as to declare that Nikkole couldn’t just let her child “be your slave.” or accomplish the duties you yourself find disagreeable.

“I take it you can do everything you’re teaching your son to do, or are you just putting pressure on your child?” inquired another user.

Another added, “Do not misinterpret me. A tiny child should not be using a stove this young, but they should understand responsibility.

“Lazy mothers are sweeping the nation,” a fourth commenter said. Though I’ve seen that many single mothers are just growing their sons to be the men they wish they had always had, it’s still advantageous to teach them when they’re young.

Nikkole received a lot of support in the comments area, and her post became viral on Facebook, with over 8,000 comments and 156,000 engagements.

Nikkole said that her son Kyle “just helps along the way & earns allowance as well,” and that she likes housework.

She also added that when Ellie was older, she would do the same thing as her older siblings, carrying on the tradition begun by her one-year-old daughter.

What are your opinions on Nikkole’s parenting approach and the reaction she faced? Use the comment area to share your thoughts with us.

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