People are never done being amazed by Britney. The performer is once more exposed in public.

One day after Britney Spears sobbed inconsolably after an emotional “release” in one of her well-known dance videos, the fresh pictures were released.

Britney Spears has once more bared all. This time, it’s in the almost 12,000-square-foot Hidden Hills mansion’s backyard pool that she recently purchased, just days after her unexpected June 9 wedding to her 28-year-old longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari. The 40-year-old pop artist posed topless in bright yellow bikini bottoms that revealed her two tattoos on either side of her bikini line in the pictures she uploaded on September 15. Strategically covering her chest was her long, golden hair that had been straightened. She didn’t caption the carousel as she would with most Instagram pictures.

On Thursday, Britney added two additional posts. She released a second carousel of images after her pool photographs, which featured a video of yellow flowers swinging in the breeze and two of her earlier pictures with a filter applied. Her final upload of the day was a dance clip in which she showed off her moves while wearing a yellow crop top and off-the-shoulder sleeves over short, black Nike shorts. She captioned the video, “I’ve never sweat so much in my life.”

The “Scream & Shout” singer had previously uploaded another dance video on September 13 in which she sobbed. She twirled about while dancing to Indila’s “S.O.S.” while wearing a white crop top with a black tie-front and seemed carefree and cheerful. As the video went on, she grew more emotional. In the video’s description, she mentioned crying. She said, “It’s been a while since I’ve cried on camera,” before clarifying that she was not experiencing a “breakdown”. She said that crying was “a release” for her that she had “needed for a very long time.” “Spiritual experience for sure!!! ” she continued. I believe I should do that much more often.

Britney has undoubtedly been under a lot of stress lately, so perhaps the good cry was her way of letting go of the drama she’s been through. Her ex-husband Kevin Federline and their 15-year-old son Jayden have both spoken out about Britney and their relationship with her in interviews with the British television network ITV, which has added to the drama. Britney referred to Kevin’s behaviour as “hurtful” during their interview in early August.


On a happier note, Britney shared a video of herself celebrating the song’s success at “number one in 40 countries” in late August when her collaboration with Elton John, “Hold Me Closer,” was released. Additionally, a close friend of Britney’s revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife that the song provided her the confidence boost she required. “Brittney needed this song more than anything right now. She definitely needed a confidence lift after recently going through all of the turmoil with Kevin, and this is it,” they gushed.

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