“Partted With Elasticity”: Photographers showed what Hawn, who is 76, looks like when she is on vacation with her husband.

I can’t believe Goldie Hawn is 76 and her chosen one is 71. Kurt Russell and the actor have been in a civil partnership for a long time, which is what happens when a person is happy and doesn’t need a stamp in their passport.

Paparazzi are often seen sleeping near the home of a famous pair and planning how to catch them in a bad light. They especially like pictures of celebrities on vacation where they don’t seem to care that they are being watched.

Recently, our heroes were caught while they were on vacation, and a picture of them quickly went viral. Fans, on the other hand, don’t like what the bold reporters do and have tried to shame them. They wrote under the pictures, “Don’t be ashamed of these photographers,” “Leave that couple alone already, give them a break,” and “They look good at any age, beautiful.”

At the same time, Goldie’s critics woke up and said that she had lost her flexibility and was clearly getting older. “She looks older than her age,” “That’s a bad costume,” users of the Network are sure to say.

Dear people, what do you think?

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