Parents Expected to Have One Baby, But Identical Triplets Were Born: How Do They Look Today?

Every woman’s pregnancy is unique and emotional, filled with love and joy. On the other side, fears and concerns about the pregnancy are common. However, after the much-anticipated kid is born, these concerns fade.

As one Iranian lady discovered, surprising benefits sometimes catch mothers off guard.

She had planned to have a single kid throughout her pregnancy, but to her astonishment, she gave birth to three identical girls: Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz. This joyous occurrence occurred in a humble Iranian household twenty years ago.

The parents were overjoyed when their girls came, despite their financial difficulties. They provided them with the best education and upbringing possible, despite the fact that women’s opportunities were limited by Iranian social customs.

When the daughters grew up, they took the risk of migrating to London after realizing how little chances were in Iran.

They embarked on this new journey, leaving their home nation in pursuit of a brighter future, with the encouragement of their father. They pursued modeling careers in London, where they quickly gained considerable success and formed agreements with well-known companies.

Despite their lack of worldwide recognition, the sisters remain hopeful about their possibilities of success.

On social media, the sisters document their glamorous lifestyles and travels while maintaining a constant online identity. They value their sense of style and usually coordinate their clothing to keep everything in sync.

Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz are optimistic about their future endeavors and grateful for their parents’ constant support.

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