“Parents Are Terrified”: The Man Underwent 20 Surgery to See His Dreams Come True!

Meet Mateo Blanco, a young man who underwent more than 20 plastic surgery procedures and over $300,000 in expenditures to get the appearance he has always desired.

After the procedures, his mother was overtaken with sorrow and cried for days before seeing him.

Online users expressed amazement and sympathy for Mateo’s mother, who gave him life and worried about him many nights, when they saw his pre-surgery photo.

Concerns over Mateo’s mental health were as varied as comments about how he looked after the operations.

A few inquired about his satisfaction with the result, while others pondered over who might find his new appearance attractive.

The discussions on the internet show a variety of perspectives about Mateo’s journey.

How do you feel about Blanco’s significant transformation?

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