Owen Wilson refuses to visit his only daughter after paternity test – and she looks ‘exactly like him’

When it comes to Hollywood performers that exude enthusiasm and warmth, Owen Wilson is always at the top of the list.

The actor has long been a favorite of fans all across the world, and he’s amassed quite a collection of blockbuster films over the years.

Not only does his evident talent and charisma endear him to the public, but so does the fact that he appears so relatable. Something about his down-to-earth, easygoing demeanor makes him even more endearing – and the fact that he has a natural flair for humor doesn’t hurt either.

However, if tales are to be believed, Wilson’s personal life has a little darker side that lurks like a seldom seen cloud. It’s about the 54-year-old’s only daughter, whom he’s never met, and the battle her birth mother is fighting to persuade Wilson to accept responsibility…

Owen Wilson is unable to attend his youngest daughter’s birthday celebration.
Owen Wilson made a decision many years ago. That his daughter Layla’s care will be different. He was so busy that he missed her 4th birthday celebration. The actor has a complicated relationship with the child. That has effectively cut him out of her life.

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Wilson’s main engagement in Lyla’s life since her birth in October 2018 has been the money he gives in child support – this after a paternity test revealed that he was indeed her father.

According to sources, Wilson pays $25,000 every month for the young girl, despite the fact that he has never met her, as well as $70,000 to cover the costs of a labor coach, a night nurse, and Vongsvirates’ legal fees.

The actor checked the no visitation box in court and stated that he does not want custody of her.

Meanwhile, Vongsvirates is said to have begged her ex-boyfriend to be a part of their daughter’s lives. Wilson, by all accounts, is a good father to his two boys and has a good connection with their moms.

Wilson, on the other hand, is everything but attentive when it comes to Lyla. As previously said, he has done everything possible to remove himself from his daughter and her mother, even when the latter wrote him the following message:

“You should go see your daughter; she’s wonderful, and you’re missing out.” She looks just like you.” Lyla, like her father, is said to have baby blue eyes and dazzling golden hair.

Vongsvirates told The Daily Mail that Wilson is “not involved at all” and has never met Lyla.

“He helps financially but it’s never been about that,” she went on to say.

“Lyla requires a father figure. It’s odd that [Owen] continues receiving father parts; in his current film, he plays a father who has never met his own daughter.”

What do you think of Owen Wilson’s approach toward his daughter? I believe it’s terrible that someone could be so cold to their own child, regardless of the circumstances.

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