One of Patrick Dempsey’s twin boys branded ‘his clone’ and ‘next McDreamy’ following their red carpet debut.

Patrick Dempsey, 57, is considered the sexiest guy alive. He just came on the red carpet with his wife and children.

While the Dempsey family was universally praised for their stunning appearance at the Ferrari movie premiere, one of his twin sons, actor Darby, 16, stole the stage.

This young man’s striking resemblance to his handsome father is what drew so much attention.

Commenters couldn’t help but note how much Darby looks like his father. “OMG! One user said, “His son, on the right side of the photo, is his clone!”

One fan described the young man as “the next McDreamy” and compared him to his father’s character on Grey’s Anatomy.

The Demspeys are recognized for their good looks.

In 2002, Patrick and his wife Jillian welcomed their 21-year-old daughter Talula into the family. After a few years, they welcome their 16-year-old twin boys, Darby and Sullivan.

Patrick, a father of three, said that having a larger family made things simpler for him and his wife.

But when his children got into adolescents, he said that things became more challenging since raising teenagers required a lot of energy.

In 2023, he told them, “Because you need to be around, but they don’t want you around because they’re fighting for their independence, which they should.” “To evolve as humans, they must first grasp their own limitations, then find how they relate with others, and finally make errors. You must also encourage them and allow them to learn from their experiences.

Patrick finally earned the well-deserved title of “Sexiest Man Alive” after years of finishing second.

“I’m glad it’s happening at this time in my life.” The actor added, “It’s nice to be recognized.”

When asked what his children would think, McDreamy said they would probably make fun of him.

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