On “The Voice Senior,” a contestant who is 63 years old closes her eyes and belts out an Etta James song from 1959.

Mechelina Delivers “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” is played in an exciting way.
ability, especially artistic ability, has nothing to do with age. Performers over the age of sixty are able to fight on The Voice Senior with other people their own age. This finally brings attention to their amazing sounds.

Contestants on Singing Seniors not only get to show off their skills and sing in front of the whole world, but they also get one-on-one vocal coaching from famous judges as they move through the show and compete with other contestants to be named the winner.

On “The Voice Senior,” we’ve seen some real competitors who put many pros to shame. And unlike many younger singers, these older ones don’t use “auto-tune” to “fix” their sounds when they’re not good. What you hear on “The Voice Senior” is singing ability, pure and simple.

Mechelina, who is 63, is no different. When Mechelina stepped onto the ‘The Voice’ stage, most younger people would have thought she was just a “ordinary” grandmother or great-grandmother. She is a grandmother and a great-grandmother, but like most grandmothers, she has a superpower: a powerful voice.

Before the music starts in the video below, Mechelina stands on stage. She might be a little worried, but who wouldn’t be? She takes a few deep breaths, closes her eyes, and then starts to sing a well-known Etta James song, which captivates both the crowd and the judges.

“Something’s Got a Hold on Me” has been remade and sampled by many modern acts, but never like this. Mechelina’s rich, sparkling voice caresses the words with an old-school sixties sound that wraps around the crowd and takes them on an emotional journey:

“Let me tell you now I never felt like this before. “Something has me by the throat and won’t let go…” “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” was written by Etta James, Leroy Kirkland, and Pearl Woods. It has parts of soul, blues, and gospel. James once said, “That song was written by us, and it was based on a church song. The religious song was called “Something’s Got a Hold on Me, It Must Be the Lord.” The song was a big hit right away, reaching the top of the Hot R&B Sides chart at number four. The song also got to number 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

So when Mechelina stood on the stage of “The Voice” Senior, she had a lot to live up to, especially since her song choice and the fact that people knew Etta Jame’s gospel/blues voice made it easy to compare her to Etta. Even if the judges don’t agree, we think Mechelina did a good job, and we hope she’ll come back soon to try out again. We want to hear more of her beautiful voice.

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