Naomi Campbell’s “A Little Girl Got a Baby Brother” became a second-time mother

The UK-based model recently announced a new member of her family. A newborn boy was welcomed by Naomi Campbell.

The infant was born on June 24. At first, Naomi told only her closest friends and family members the news. The 53-year-old supermodel recently posted a sweet family photo with her kid. The baby slept in Campbell’s arms while wearing a white dress and a Dolce & Gabbana hat. His little hand was being held firmly by the new mother. Naomi, their 2-year-old daughter, came along.

The supermodel withheld the names and faces of her children, including her newborn son. “My sweet baby son, know that ever since you entered our life, we have cherished you deeply and surrounded you with love. an actual gift from God. Blessed. Greetings, young one. It’s never too late to start becoming a mother, Campbell wrote. In her reply, she used the phrase “mom of two.”

She has always expressed a wish to have another kid, according to close acquaintances of her previous spouse Vladislav Doronin. Naomi is a really tough individual. Her goal has always been to achieve this. She is thrilled to the brim. Having given her young girl a baby brother, she is overjoyed. She anticipates the future with great pride.

Experts clarified that Naomi’s two children were born through surrogacy. Naomi announced the birth of her daughter in 2021, only a few weeks after making an appearance in New York City’s Michael Kors fashion show. Even then, her physique showed no symptoms of pregnancy.

The supermodel received many good wishes from her friends and colleagues. “Congratulations, Omi,” said Donatella Versace. “Congratulations!” echoed Claudia Schiffer. Mom, congratulations! “Welcome, baby!” Ashley Graham supplemented.

Campbell celebrated her 53rd birthday in May by throwing a party in Cannes. The recognizable ’90s celebrity maintained her appearance and body type. Naomi was frequently spotted holding her 2-year-old daughter.

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