Mother gives birth to black and white twin boys – but neither parent is white

Stacy and Babajide, from Lagos, Nigeria, really wanted their beloved daughter to have a sibling – as many other parents do.

But when she and her husband went in for an ultrasound, they got a huge surprise they hadn’t foreseen.

Stacy was overwhelmed when she learned she was expecting twins – but the 31-year-old Nigerian woman could never imagine what would happen once she started giving birth…

When Stacy arrived at the hospital for the scheduled cesarean section, she was thrilled. The mommy knew that her baby boys Daniel and David Omirin were well on their way – but once she saw their faces, she and her husband were stunned.

The unique twins came into the world on February 26th, 2019, and were born just a few minutes apart. But the thing was that Daniel and David absolutely nothing like each other – except for their big brown eyes.

Daniel was born with dark skin and curly black hair – almost a copy of his older sister Demilade. David, meanwhile, was born with golden curls and white skin.

Stacy and her husband are black, so the boys’ different looks were a huge surprise.

“We did not know about their differences while I was pregnant, the scan did not show such so it was a huge surprise and the most amazing moment when the first twin (Daniel) came out with black hair and the second twin (David) came out with gold hair,” Stacy told Bored Panda and added:

”I had them through CS, so the doctors were like: ‘It seems you are having totally unidentical twins.’ Before I knew it, nurses started coming out to look at them”.

The twins’ appearance puzzled and confused people – Stacy says that many people often find it hard to believe that she’s the mother of both children or that Babajide would be the father of both.

When the babies were born, the mother was overjoyed and didn’t care about their looks. She can still remember the nurse’s words when Daniel came out.

”Daniel came first, and then the nurse said the second baby has golden hair. I thought, how can this be possible? I looked down and saw David, he was completely white,” Stacy told The Daily Mail.

However, she wasn’t totally sure how her husband would react. Luckily, he responded as most dads would.

“Their dad was really overwhelmed and immediately named My Twin 2 (David) ‘Golden,’ so he fondly calls him Mr. Golden. He was all overjoyed seeing his boys. He stood for more than 10 minutes staring at them and said he was just looking at God’s wonderful work and that they are his best gift ever,” Stacy said.

Obviously, the twins have the same mother and father. But David was born with a condition called oculocutaneous albinism. It’s a rare genetic disorder that causes a lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes and/or hair – giving albino people a unique look.

The mom of three was initially concerned about David and how people would react to him – as well as being concerned about his health.  The condition is associated with medical conditions like sensitivity to sunlight and eye problems. Fortunately, David hasn’t experienced any serious health issues.

According to some sources, more than two million people are living with Albinism in Nigeria. The World Health Organization estimates that one in 5,000 to one in 15,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa is born with Albinism.

In Europe and North America, one in 20,000 people have some form of albinism. Living with Albinism in Nigeria is not so easy. They are often discriminated against and questioned – but thankfully, this is not something Stacy has yet experienced.

“There’re always side talks whenever we go out, people often wanna know how and what’s happening and maybe due to their cute and adorable nature, you just wanna come close to say hello,” she says.

Because of their extraordinary appearance, modeling agencies have reached out to the family, wanting David and Daniel in their campaigns.

Stacy, who happens to be a clothing designer, would love to see her boys pursue modeling careers. But now, she’s focused on educating people about David’s condition and creating awareness.

As for today, the mother has created an Instagram account where people can learn more about the boys and watch them grow up.

The boys may be twins and best friends – but they are also different with their personalities and interests. Daniel loves food and is more outgoing. David likes to take a step back and observe his surroundings. But both boys are lovely and kind children.

“People say ”Excuse me madam, which one of the kids is yours?’ I just say both of them are mine and people look at me as if I am joking. But I was surprised too when they were born, even as their mum. When the doctor told me my kids are not identical I didn’t know what to expect. But then I saw they had different color hair and skin and I couldn’t believe it, so I’m not surprised other people are shocked, too.”

What a lovely story! It’s wonderful to read and see pictures of David and Daniel; they are really adorable.

And let’s not forget that what truly matters is what lies within – I’m sure the boys will grow up to be wonderful humans!

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