Mom paints her daughter’s heart-shaped port wine birthmark on her face.

Angelica was born on May 6, 2018, and she was stunning. She had a sweet button nose, lovely eyes, and a heart-shaped port wine stain on her cheek.

Marianna Bowering, Angelica’s mother, stated that while many of her friends and relatives embrace Angelica’s birthmark, some people still feel the need to comment on her daughter’s looks.

“The worst online comment I’ve received was when someone asked if her face had been pushed onto a skillet.” “Basically, she had a grilled face,” Bowering told the Mirror.

Unfortunately, when I originally tried on this makeup look to seem as stunning as Angelica, she was fast asleep, so today…

Marianna Bowering posted on Monday, May 18, 2020

Marianna said that her daughter was described as “hideous” and a “defect” and was subjected to harsh remarks. The brutality and insensitivity of such statements further exacerbated the difficulties this family encountered, but their strength and resolve to overcome these hurdles resulted in a miraculous change.

Despite the snide remarks, Bowering is doing everything she can to ensure that Angelica grows up believing she is lovely just the way she is.

The 27-year-old mother recently decided to apply cosmetics to imitate her 5-year-old daughter’s birthmark on her own face.

“I got the idea from vascular birthmark awareness day, where they encourage people to paint hearts on their cheeks,” Bowering told The Epoch Times. “Initially I just did the heart with my makeup look but then I thought why don’t I go all out and do Angelica’s port wine stain.”

“I wanted to be just as beautiful as her.”

I wanted to be as lovely as my kid, so I applied my makeup to appear just like her! She’s still more beautiful…

Marianna Bowering posted on Saturday, May 16, 2020

Marianna was upset when some people said her daughter’s face spots would vanish with time, while others said Angelica could just disguise them with cosmetics if she wanted to.

These comments just exacerbated the mother’s anguish and irritation, as she questioned why her daughter should have to hide her innate beauty rather than embrace it.

It was a painful reminder of the harsh reality that those who do not adhere to traditional beauty standards experience, but it also emphasized the necessity of acceptance and love for all people, regardless of their looks.

Bowering and her husband thought from the start that their daughter’s birthmark was nothing to be embarrassed of. As a result, parents actively seek to ensure that they understand it is something to be embraced.

Prior creating the matching “birthmark,” Bowering glittered Angelica’s port wine stain to “make it shine.”

Children who have port wine stains on their faces are at danger of developing additional health problems, but Bowering assured TODAY that Angelica is well.

“Thankfully, we’ve done tests and Angelica is totally healthy,” Bowering told the media. “We just need to have regular check-ups, especially for her eyes as glaucoma can be a concern.”

Angelica, you are extremely stunning. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

Marianna, thank you for being an excellent mother and for demonstrating to your kid that there is nothing wrong with her birthmark.

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