Mom gushes over footage of her husband using a breastfeeding gadget to feed their kid.

Every encounter a parent has with their kid, from infancy to maturity, establishes an unbreakable link while also creating emotional stability and trust as the child matures.

And having both parents totally involved makes parenting so much more joyful.

A new mom is raving about her husband in a TikTok video that shows him nursing their newborn baby, Zoe, after recently expressing how “teamwork” is helping her through postpartum.

Continue reading to find out how this father is able to “breastfeed”!

Zion Lamm and her husband Kevin, a gastroenterologist, welcomed their infant baby Zoe on May 6, 2023, after seven years of marriage.

Zion, a skincare social media influencer, has been chronicling her postpartum and C-section recovery problems with her over 718,000 followers.

But she has the support of her devoted spouse.

On August 10, the new mom shared a lovely video of her husband cuddling their kid while sitting on the bed.

It almost brought the internet to a halt.

The adorable video, which Zion labeled “teamwork babyyyy,” was synchronized to the popular TikTok song “Thank you to my man,” and received 2.3 million likes, with admirers from all around the world commenting on the father and his infant’s overall tenderness.

“This is quite appealing. You got a winner, gal!!! “Such a good daddy,” one says, while another says, “Beautiful, keep building those bonds.”

“Wow…that is too cute,” a third person remarks.

Though the image of the attractive father with his newborn was heartwarming enough to pique the curiosity of internet users, it was the green apparatus draped over his shoulder that he used to milk his infant that piqued their interest.

The dedicated father held baby Zoe’s head with both arms, his gaze fixed on his kid, who stared up at him as she sipped from a bottle tucked within the nursing apparatus.

Some readers were interested about the Beebo, a hands-free baby bottle holder that Kevin was using.

“My husband joked about jerry rigging bottles to do this to our babies and when I showed him this he made me buy one for kids we don’t have yet,” one woman comments, while another adds, “who invented this cause that is genius!!!”

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Meanwhile, some internet users couldn’t perceive the tenderness beyond the father’s attire. “Why is he wearing scrubs on the bed?” one person complained, while another added, “I have this weird thing about outside clothes being in my bed.” I can’t picture sleeping in scrubs.”

Others, on the other hand, joined in to defend the caring parent. “People focusing on the scrubs but I see a dad bonding with his child,” said one. Another member of the online community points out that he is a doctor and would never put his child in danger: “This could be his clean scrubs before work.” I’m sure he’s a doctor and completely aware. He’s assisting and bonding. That’s an A in my book.”

Nothing is more valuable than a father’s bond with his daughter, and we love that Kevin Lamm is establishing this connection at such a young age! Dads don’t always receive the recognition they deserve, but we’re glad Zion shared this video so we can all see how fantastic this one is!

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