Mom and Dad can’t stop laughing with the twins because their giggles are so contagious.

Twins don’t need to communicate to comprehend one another. They are able to sense each other’s energy, especially when they are young, and can quickly determine how their other version, who will now be their closest trusted friend, is feeling emotionally.

Twin brothers Johnathon (to the left) and Garrett shared a poignant moment while playing in the bathtub, which was filmed by mom. These two water babies are enjoying their baths so much that it doesn’t seem like they’ll be leaving anytime soon.

Garrett and Johnathon get along like a house on fire. Given that they are genetically identical, they have comparable personalities and interests. The nicest part of this video is the wonderful discussion they’re having, which is full of splashes and toys but is clearly talking major topics of crucial worth and arguing matters that are dear to them. None of us will ever be in on this conversation.

It’s fun to listen to their constant baby babble and big belly laughs. But once they start school, these two will undoubtedly get into trouble! They appear to be engaging in crazy shenanigans, laughing at something, and maybe enjoying the time of their tiny lives! It’s rare to meet someone with whom to laugh so loudly, but these two will always have each other.

Watch the entire cute bath session in the video below by clicking. This pair of laugh monsters is just too adorable for words.

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