Mom, 98, is concerned about her 80-year-old son and goes into a retirement home to care for him.

A mother’s love for her offspring is eternal, as has been demonstrated since the beginning of time.

The relationship between a mother and her children is obvious all throughout the world, not just in humans but also in the great majority of animals. It’s why moms would sacrifice their lives to defend their children, and why they aren’t whole if anything goes wrong or they suspect their children are struggling.

For one mother, 98-year-old Ada, the fact that her son need assistance meant that she had no choice but to assist him. What’s the most unique aspect of it? Her son is also 80 years old.

Ada moved into the Moss View care home in Liverpool, UK, last year not because she required assisted living, but because she wanted to be near her eldest son.

Tom Keating, the oldest of Ada’s four children, had moved to Moss View a year before Ada. He’d spent most of his childhood with his mother, so the two were accustomed to living together.

As a result, Ada felt it as a foregone conclusion that she should follow suit and book a place at Moss View herself.

“It’s very rare to see mothers and their children together in the same care home,” says Philip Daniels, manager at Moss View, “and we certainly want to make their time together as special as possible.”

Tom’s two live siblings, his sisters Barbara and Margi, pay frequent visits to the retirement home, while Tom and Ada spend their days playing board games and watching their favorite soap opera, “Emmerdale.”

“It’s very touching to see the close relationship both Tom and Ada share and we are so pleased we were able to accommodate both of their needs,” Philip went on to say.

What a lovely story of motherly love that has no limits!

Is this something you would do if you had such a long life?

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