Model with the most unusual forms: the pre-op appearance of this woman

Allegra Cole had desired to be a model her entire life. She felt, however, that she was not beautiful and appealing enough for this job. Allegra seemed to dislike practically everything about herself. She initially chose to have plastic surgery when she was in her 30s.

After doing the initial procedure, she developed some sort of addiction. Allegra had a complete self-change. Cole’s appearance was radically altered by six cosmetic procedures. She has enormous forms and a massive breast. Allegra, however, disapproves of who she is. The woman is set to get surgery once more to have the ideal body she has always wanted.

But a unique image of Allegra from her past surfaced online. Users may see the woman’s appearance prior to cosmetic surgery. Cole was a beautiful woman.

But she transformed herself into a freak. True, she is now content and self-assured. Allegra feels lovely.

What do you think, then? What aspect of Allegra’s beauty?

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