Melanie Griffith, who is 65 years old, has new scars and sores on her face.

Melanie Griffith is known as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and attractive actresses. She was able to win Antonio Banderas’s heart. He is a very handsome Spanish actor. But Griffith’s life went downhill after that.

The actress became obsessed with getting plastic surgery, which not only hurt her looks but also caused her marriage to fall apart. Griffith got skin cancer because of all the surgeries she had to fix her body.

The actress got long-term care, which included surgery and taking off growths. But none of her attempts worked, and now her face and skin are in a terrible state. It looks like Griffith has no way out of his position. The star rarely goes out in public because she feels bad about how she looks. The paparazzi took new pictures of the star when they saw her near her home.

In the most recent pictures, it’s hard to tell that Melanie Griffith was once so beautiful. The 65-year-old actor has totally changed, and it hurts to look at her now.

Her skin has scars and cuts from just recently. The star keeps trying to get better despite being sick. Because of the illness, the actor has changed a lot. Fans were shocked by what they saw.

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