Lopez and Garner went to the school where Ben Affleck’s daughter is a student. Lopez wore a dress with a slit, and Garner wore pants.

Jennifer Lopez, a great star, was able to get along with Affleck’s children from his first marriage to Jennifer Garner. Serafina, her 14-year-old niece, is very close to her. She spends a lot of time with her family.

Lopez came to the school play to support the young girl and cheer her on. Jennifer spent a lot of time getting ready for the event. She chose a haircut with lots of volume and makeup that gave her a soft glow. She wore a bright red dress with flowers and a bold cutout at the hip that showed off her skinny legs. The outfit was finished off with a small handbag and platform shoes made of glossy leather.

The paparazzi saw Jennifer, her husband, and their twins, Max and Emma, who are 15 years old. Lopez ran into Violet, Ben’s oldest daughter, and his ex-wife at school. Garner chose to dress down for the school event by wearing a T-shirt, a black jacket, pants, and shoes.

Ben’s first wife and his current wife kept a certain space from each other. The Daily Mail said that Lopez put the kids first by having meaningful talks with Violet and warmly hugging her. This showed how strong the bonds were in their blended family.

Lopez was hurt when Garner made fun of what happened at the Grammys, which has made their relationship tense. Now, Ben has to try to bring the two people back together.

Three of Affleck’s children showed their support for Jennifer Lopez at a movie opening. Their relationships look nice and happy, which is very nice for a worldwide star.

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