“Life after dropping a few pounds.” What the woman, who was very unhappy with her body, looks like now

Because she was too fat, Mayra Rosales went through a really hard and difficult time in her life. It was really heartbreaking to hear mean things said about her body. She didn’t even want to leave the house. She was cut off from everyone else.

People found out about Mayra through the news. The news said that a woman fell on her sister’s son, and the boy couldn’t get up. It was clear right away that Myra wasn’t to blame for what happened with her nephew. After this happened, our hero of the day started to want to live again.

Mayra went to the surgeon for help, and he agreed to take on such a hard case. Even doubters who watched a woman’s life on social networks were surprised by the results of Myra’s weight loss.

Today, Mayra looks so much better that it’s hard to believe she hasn’t left the house in many years. She’s a real hero because she was able to get through everything and show herself in the best way.

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