Kindness saved him from pain. How the chance meeting changed the life of the little African boy

Anja Ringgern Loven, a worker with a big heart, put a picture of a little African boy on her page. This really changed the boy’s life. The kind woman told the story of the poor child’s life. She said that his family had thrown him out, and he was found in the street in a terrible state. He went outside and ate whatever he could find.

But Anja was his guardian angel, and she went to that country and saw how lost he was. She took him with her to Denmark and gave him a place to stay and good care. During that time, the baby could feel better and get healthier.

Now he is in a safe place with other kids who need care and love, too. He has a lot of friends and does well in school.

We’re sure he’ll go far and help other poor people who need his help.

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