Kim Basinger’s transformation following plastic surgery is “Like a Horror Movie”

The well-known actress, who is now 69, was once regarded as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful ladies. Kim’s decision to explore plastic surgery as a means of achieving perpetual youth, however, has significantly changed her course.

Kim underwent surgeries to raise her face features and implant cheekbones, which drew a variety of opinions from observers. Some voiced their displeasure by calling her a “wax doll,” doubting her capacity to smile, accusing her of self-indulgence, speculating about how much she resembled someone completely different, or even eliciting terror.

Even then, there were many who backed Kim, saying that despite the criticism, she still resembles herself and would soon recover from the operation. They reminded Kim of her natural attractiveness and chastised the cynics for their propensity to point out flaws.

Do you feel personally intimidated by Basinger’s new look at this point?

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