Kelly Clarkson, a mother, spanks her children when they misbehave.

Kelly Clarkson has described how she taught moral values in her children. In an interview, the mother of two said she will spank her children if they misbehave.

She maintains that this is common practice in her home state of Louisiana, where she now resides.

Clarkson originates from Fort Worth, Texas. She has two children from her first marriage to Brandon Blackstock: River Rose, five, and Remy, three. Some people are not pleased with her response, “I’m not above a spanking,” when asked how she disciplined her children. She also wants a smack on the back, not a harsh pounding.

She goes on to explain that her conduct is reasonable, noting her parents’ spankings as well as the fact that she has achieved success in life and is happy with who she is. She proceeded by stating that she is always warned before acting.

The Voice Coach went on to say that she was raised in the South, where spanking children is common practice.

She does, however, acknowledge that it may be difficult to do in public since dissenters are ready to cast judgment.

The efficacy of spanking as a long-term punishment has been debated. While some consider it to be harmless, others feel it to be hazardous.

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly rejects spanking and any other types of “corporal punishment” as methods of child discipline.

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