Kelly Clarkson, a mother, spanks her children when they misbehave.

Kelly Clarkson has talked about instilling moral principles in her kids. The mother of two stated in an interview that she will punish her kids for misbehaving.

She insists that this is standard procedure in Louisiana, her native state, where she currently resides.

The native place of Clarkson is Fort Worth, Texas. From her first marriage to Brandon Blackstock, she had two children: River Rose, who is five years old, and Remy, who is three. When asked how she disciplined her kids, she replied, “I’m not above a spanking,” which has angered some people. She also prefers a gentle pat on the back rather than a hard beating.

She continues by defending her actions, citing the spankings she received from her parents, her accomplishments in life, and her contentment with her identity as justifications. She continued by saying she is always forewarned before taking action.

The Voice Coach continued by stating that she grew up in the South, where it is customary to spank kids.

She does concede, though, that given that dissenters are prepared to offer criticism, it would be challenging to carry out in public.

There is disagreement over whether spanking is a useful long-term punishment. Some believe it to be safe, while others believe it to be dangerous.

When it comes to disciplining children, the American Academy of Pediatrics vehemently opposes spanking and any other forms of “corporal punishment.”

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