Kate Middleton’s health report is delivered as Prince William is forced to make a difficult decision.

Kensington Palace has provided an update on Kate Middleton’s recuperation, weeks after the Princess of Wales left the hospital following an abdominal treatment.

According to sources, Middleton is “doing well” as she continues to relax at home, 13 days following her operation. The Royal Family has yet to reveal the specifics of Kate’s condition that necessitated medical intervention, and it is unclear whether they will do so in the future.

Furthermore, official updates on Kate’s health have been few and far between, allowing for conjecture that may otherwise have been prevented.

Among the stories that Kensington Palace had to deny was one from Spanish journalist Concha Calleja, who claimed sensationally that the Princess had been placed in a coma after her surgery.

The Royal Family fiercely disputed the story and has subsequently said that the Princess of Wales is making good progress. Nonetheless, Kate is anticipated to be unavailable for royal engagements until after Easter.

In a separate release this morning, Kensington Palace revealed that Prince William will be missing a memorial ceremony for the late King Constantine of Greece due to a “personal matter.”

The Palace quickly added that Kate Middleton is “doing well,” maybe in an attempt to put an end to speculations before they might spread.

According to sources, William was due to read at King Constantine’s ceremony in St George’s Chapel, but he contacted the Greek family to inform them that he would be unable to attend.

According to the Daily Express, King Charles, who is presently receiving cancer treatment, will also skip the funeral, leaving Queen Camilla to lead the Royal Family members at the monument.

As far as Kate is concerned, today’s announcement will undoubtedly be enthusiastically greeted by royal admirers worldwide. Though the Palace’s overall message has hinted that the Princess is doing well, the lack of information hasn’t helped the rumor mill.

Only yesterday, a Spanish journalist said that her rehabilitation was not going well when it was revealed that Kate had hired a private assistant.

“The British royal household has made an unclear move,” stated journalist Aurelio Manzano.

“On the one hand, they leak that Kate has hired a private secretary, implying that she is doing things at home, but on the other side, we do not see any images. “Until we see it, speculation will continue.”

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