Julia Roberts startled her admirers by posting photos that proved she was no longer the same Pretty Woman.

In close-up, the old Pretty Woman was scarcely recognizable to the audience.

You may be surprised to learn that J. Roberts is already fifty-five years old. It’s difficult to imagine she still looks great and has no intention of getting older.

The actress demonstrated yet again that she sees her age as nothing more than a number.

She seldom attends events and no longer appears in films, yet her audience remains awestruck by her extraordinary ability, ageless beauty, and charisma.

This photograph was taken of Roberts while she was out on a walk. Despite the fact that she was clearly not wearing makeup, followers were quick to critique her substantially older appearance, noting that she didn’t seem as young as she used to.

Nobody is growing any younger, and our favorite Pretty Woman—the most skilled and lovely actress I’ve ever seen—is no longer the same.

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