Julia Roberts’ kid is growing up swiftly and looks exactly like her mother.

Julia Roberts is a star we seldom hear from. Fans are unaware of her personal life.

Despite the fact that she is an Oscar winner who has acted in some of the most popular films of the previous three decades.

Her name is on a Twitter account with 540,000 followers, yet there are no tweets.

She has no social medical accounts on Instagram or Facebook.

Julia has yet to join the majority of celebrities in interacting with their followers and sharing photos of themselves and their families on social media.

During an interview, the 50-year-old actress admitted that she had other interests.

“Can you think of a good analogy?” It’s like when people talk about a TV program: I may be aware of the show and the plot, but it doesn’t imply I watch it. Other friends who watch it have told me about it. I mean, we were discussing Instagram. Everyone has Instagram installed on their phone. “If I had it, I’d stare at it all the time,” Julia Roberts admits.

This actress has several excellent qualities:

She is married to a beautiful man and has three wonderful children whom she adores.

During her playing career, Julia Roberts has had various partnerships with actors such as Benjamin Bratt and Kiefer Sutherland.

She was married to singer Lyle Lovett for two years. Julia, on the other hand, found her true love behind the camera.

Julia and Daniel Moder met while filming “The Mexican” and later married in 2002.

“When I think about what makes my life meaningful and shine within me, it’s him.” “It was the catalyst for everything,” she stated.

The couple welcomed twins Hazel and Phinnaeus in 2004, followed three years later by another son Henry.

Julia hasn’t released many images of her children throughout the years, preferring to keep them private.

Julia may not show off her children on the internet, but this is changing as they get older.

Photographs of her 13-year-old daughter are now making the rounds.

Many people are amazed at how similar the mother and daughter seem.

The photo below shows Hazel when she was younger.

Apart from the difference in hair color, Hazel and Julia are practically identical.

Hazel is Julia’s only child, and for a long time, nothing was known about her. However, new images of Hazel have lately made public, and many people are amazed at how like mother and daughter seem.

We can’t wait to watch what Hazel achieves in life as she grows older!

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