Jessica Alba was photographed on the beach with a sagging stomach and cellulite.

Jessica Alba is now seldom seen in public. This beauty was formerly admired by millions of men all over the world, and the females coveted her.

Like a magnet, the slim and beautiful star drew adoring gazes. Even after having two children, her physique remained as trim as before.

Jessica, however, gave up following the birth of her third child. She acquired a lot of weight and was unable to return to her previous shape.

But tenacity and willpower got the job done. Alba resumed to hard training, and the results were quick.

The actress has essentially retired from performing and committed herself to business and family. As a result, she is now rarely seen on the red carpet.

However, the paparazzi recently planned to photograph the singer when she was on vacation on one of Hawaii’s beaches.

She was on vacation with her spouse. Some admirers even said that they would not recognize the actress if they ran into her on the beach.

Jessica’s shape isn’t ideal: her breasts droop, she has cellulite on her hips, and the green bikini accentuated her imperfections.

However, the actress is 41 years old and appears young for her age.

Alba even authored a book called “Sincere Beauty” on how she maintains her freshness. She said, for example, that she consumes only organic foods and drinks only clean water to keep her skin nourished.

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