Jane Fonda criticizes Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with Ben Affleck: ‘Feels too much’

What’s a friend if they don’t look out for you and provide the occasional criticism of your relationships.

While the world has loved seeing Jennifer Lopez reunite with Ben Affleck, her friend Jane Fonda has had some concerns. And the 86-year-old actress has no problem sharing with the world just how she feels about Lopez getting back with Affleck.

Keep reading to see Fonda’s criticism.

The unlikely pair first became friends when they starred opposite each other in the 2005 film Monster-in-Law. Since then they have remained close. So close that Lopez tapped Fonda to appear in her new documentary: This Is Me Now: A Love Story.

In the film, Fonda shares two concerns she has with the husband and wife team.

“I want you to know that I don’t entirely know why, but I feel invested in you and Ben, and I really want this to work,” Fonda explained to Lopez, according to Variety. “However, this is my concern. Like, it feels too much like you’re trying to prove something instead of just living it. You know, every other photograph is the two of you kissing and the two of you hugging.”

“That’s just us living our life,” Lopez replied, laughing off the comment.

Fonda also expressed her concern after seeing photos of Affleck at the 2023 Grammys, saying she was “real scared.”

“I got real scared, you know, with all that s-it about the Grammys and he looks unhappy and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, what’s happening.’”

Lopez assured Fonda “nothing” was wrong with her relationship, Affleck was simply “like, ‘I’ve become the symbol of the beleaguered man.’”

Despite her critiques, Fonda added she believed “everyone in the entire world is pulling for this relationship and this love,” adding that the way the couple presents their relationship is “so important.”

“It should be handled in a way that you aren’t overly flaunting it, so much so that it creates any form of criticism or resentment.”

Are Jane Fonda’s words coming from a place of love? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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