It’s incredible. The “grandfather” was altered beyond recognition by the hairdresser.

Kevin Robert Clark was born in 1983 to considerable acclaim in America, as he weighed a staggering 7.2 Ibs, making him the country’s largest infant at the time.

Patricia Clark had a hunch during her pregnancy with Kevin that the baby would be huge, given their family’s history of large newborns. Nonetheless, she was taken aback by how large he turned out to be.

Patricia and her family discovered that Kevin was too big for the regular cot and that all of his clothes were too small for him after bringing the baby home from the hospital.

Kevin was already towering over others at the age of 12 and weighed more than 152 pounds. When recalling his childhood, Kevin admits that finding clothes and shoes that fit properly was a major challenge, especially given his rapid growth. He was continually in need of new clothes, which made life tough for both him and his family.

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