“Incredible Baby”: What is the story of the blind child who was adopted by a couple from the United States?

A few years ago, a girl named Primrose was born in China. She was born blind, which made her special. The girl was diagnosed with a rare illness called congenital glaucoma. Everyone was charmed by the baby’s silver-white eyes.

However, her parents did not require such a kid. Primrose’s mother abandoned her right after delivery, therefore her route led directly to the orphanage. Nobody truly wanted to adopt her. Perhaps they were frightened to take on the burden of raising such a youngster.

But one day, a couple from America, Arin and Chris Austin, discovered the baby’s photograph. They already had two children, ample money, and love. It appears that no one would conceive of anything greater. Anyway, they couldn’t abandon poor Primrose in her situation.

The adoption procedure takes several months since in such important circumstances, many different types of documentation must be collected and properly reviewed by attorneys. Finally, everything went well, and the girl relocated to America with her new parents.

After a few years of the condition, the physicians concluded that both of her eyes needed to be removed in order to alleviate extreme agony. The decision was difficult, but they eventually made it: the infant underwent a major surgery and recovered significantly.

Over time, they would need to create custom prostheses for her. The girl’s parents believe she will have a happy life and that her blindness will not trouble her at all.

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