“I’m Enjoying my Age.” Without makeup and in simple clothes, Jodie Foster, who is 60, looks half her age.

About a year and a half ago, when it looked like their favorite actress, Jodie Foster, was giving up, her fans raised the alarm. The star’s body quickly became hard to see, and her face was full of lines and other signs of getting older.

Foster’s power to change the past is a well-kept secret. But one thing is for sure: when she walks down the street, she looks much better and younger than she did on the red carpet a few years ago.

Paparazzi took pictures of the star while she was shopping with her son in New York City. And Jodie, who is 58, can’t do it. Some actors, even when they are 30, look older.

Even with all of this, only Jodie’s fans worry about her age. From a philosophical point of view, the star shows how different people look over time.

Foster once said, “I would like to age on film like Katharine Hepburn.” – I love my age. No amount of money will get them to go back to when they were twenty. There is a lot of worry and fear in this time. And that’s not something you should have to deal with. There’s no question that women in their fifties are more interesting than women in their twenties. We’ve lived longer, so we have more faith in ourselves. No longer does it make sense to act like you’re crestfallen and in the know, or to worry about whether you’re cool. Being yourself is a very big plus.”

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