“I love her just like this.” Pierce Brosnan startled admirers by posting a photo of his pregnant wife.

It’s tough to believe that the well-known actor is already 68 years old! Recent photos show Pierce Brosnan in excellent physical condition. Pierce, by the way, makes no attempt to conceal the fact that he is a one-woman guy.

The actor formalized his relationship with the lovely Keeley in 2001, and he remains dedicated to her to this day. According to supporters, Pierce’s wife has changed considerably in the previous 20 years.

The photo of a fat Keeley is frequently discussed on the comments section. Pierce’s response is succinct: “I love her like this.” “Beautiful couple,” says one. “What a great example,” says one, “the exception to the rule.”

“Bravo, Pierce,” “A true one-liner,” says the author. “I wish I had Pierce like that,” one of the couple’s followers commented on the most recent photo of Pierce and Keeley together.

What are your thoughts?

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