“I don’t need Hollywood any more,” Johnny Depp said at the Cannes Film Festival after the boycott was over.

Johnny Depp, a well-known actor, recently said something shocking: he didn’t need any more parts. The famous actor in Hollywood said that he had never left the sets. After the scandal with Amber Heard, Johnny’s first starring job was in the movie “Jeanne Dubarry.” The first time the tape was shown at the Cannes Film Festival, the crowd cheered for seven minutes.

Amber’s ex-husband said he wouldn’t use the word “comeback” to describe what he was doing. “I never went anywhere. Depp said, “I think they stopped calling me because they were afraid of something.”

He also talked about how he felt about the business itself. “Did I feel like Hollywood was against me? No, not even close. Because I don’t think about Hollywood, I didn’t feel like I was being shunned. The actor said at a news conference at the event, “I no longer need Hollywood.”

Everyone is always amazed by how brave and sure of himself the cute star is. He acts in the way he wants and thinks is right.

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