“I Can’t Walk, But I Can Fly” is the story of how a girl with no legs became an aerial gymnast and found her own sister.

Jen Bricker-Bauer didn’t have legs when she was born. Her real mother couldn’t take care of the little girl, but luck was on her side when she was soon taken in by a loving family.

Her adopted parents taught her when she was young that she should never let fear stop her. Jen thought about what you said. So, she could play basketball and volleyball with her friends when she was young, and later she took up aerial gymnastics.

Even though doctors said she would never be able to walk or even sit up without help, she never stopped believing in herself. Also, her parents did everything they could to make sure she felt as healthy as everyone else. So, Jen figured out how to walk on her hands as well as most people walk on their feet.

She loved gymnastics even when she was only eight years old. In 1996, when her hero, Dominique Moceanu, was in the Olympics, she was glued to the TV cheering for him. This made her interested in sports. Imagine how surprised she was to find out later that Dominique was her real sister!

Jen threw herself into training after she learned this, and she did very well. Many people were skeptical about the idea that a girl without legs could do such things. But she won, showing everyone that nothing is really impossible.

Jen is a professional gymnast now that she is an adult woman. She can do moves in the air that most players on two legs can’t do. She has also built strong relationships with her real family and is living a happy life.

Jen is married to the man she loves, and the two of them are excited to start a family soon. In any case, let’s wish this amazing woman all the best and hope she keeps doing well.

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