Husband dies unexpectedly, leaving his wife with eight children – his concealed condition was neglected by everyone.

James Green has always wished to be a father. So when he and his wife, Cloe, learned that they were expecting their first child, he was understandably overjoyed.

When their second kid was born, the British couple decided to carry on and have a big family together.

When Cloe believed they’d had enough children, James would wink and smile and say, “Just one more, Clo.”

James simply enjoyed being a father. Even though Cloe worked full-time, James worked from home to be as present for his children as possible.

James was the one who drove the kids to and from school and spent most of the nights with them. He was a caring, enthusiastic parent who appeared to be in good health.

James and Cloe felt that their family was large enough when their fifth child was born with cerebral palsy. Cloe went to the doctor and had a contraceptive implant placed.

When Cloe became pregnant again suddenly, James said it was fate.

After having eight children, the couple felt that their family was finally complete.

Then, only 12 weeks after welcoming their youngest child, life altered in an instant on December 4, 2015.

Cloe awoke in her bed, realizing James wasn’t breathing.

Cloe and James met as teens and fell in love. James frequently discussed having children at the start of the relationship. He desired to begin early and have a large family.

James was a large person with a huge heart and a lot of love to share.

Cloe was 17 when she became pregnant for the first time. It came as a surprise, but she and James were overjoyed with their first child, Leo.

Levi, Cloe, and James became increasingly certain that they desired a big family after the birth of their second son.

Chloe was pregnant with Oliver two years later. Megan, their first child, was born shortly after.

Miley was born not long after. She was born with cerebral palsy and required extensive medical attention.

Cloe and James concluded that their family was finally complete because raising Miley needed certain sacrifices.

Cloe was implanted with contraceptives to prevent future pregnancies.

But fate had different plans. Cloe became pregnant again unexpectedly.

“James said it was meant to be for us to have more babies,” she claimed.

Lacey and Lexi were born soon after, both with cerebral palsy.

James was thrilled, as he had been with all of his previous pregnancies. But the couple thought that eight children would enough.

By all accounts, James was a fantastic father. His whole life focused on taking care of the children, which required a lot of time with eight kids at home.

Even though Cloe was a full-time mother, James worked from home so that they could dedicate their complete attention to their children.

“He’d do the school run, then go to work at the café before picking the kids up,” she added. “Then he’d sit and play games and read until it was time for bed.” He was full of enthusiasm.”

The unimaginable happened twelve weeks after they welcomed Elijah into their family.

Cloe and James slept as normal…

However, James awoke around 4:30 a.m. and began acting suspiciously. He felt utterly numb when he sat straight in bed. He had a seizure and shortly ceased breathing.

Cloe gave her husband CPR until paramedics came and took over.

“I wanted to scream and cry but knew I needed to keep calm,” said Cloe.

James died in his bed. He was only 31 at the time.

James had elevated blood pressure, which no one had noticed previously.

He had hypertensive heart disease, which is a kind of heart disease characterized by chronically high blood pressure.

Many people who suffer with the ailment are unaware that they have the sickness, as was the case with James.

And no one realized how serious the issue was since James did not get regular medical tests, which are advised for all people.

James died abruptly and unexpectedly. Cloe, who was left alone and distraught with eight children, received help from her loved ones.

“In my darkest moments, I wondered how I was going to do it without James.” But when I saw those eight young faces relying on me, I realized I had to do it for them and for James,” Cloe explained.

Cloe committed herself even more to their children in memory of James.

Cloe claims that her recollections of James with their children help her cope.

“He loved being a dad more than anything and has made me a strong enough parent to face this job alone.”

Cloe and her children keep James’ memory alive in simple but lovely ways, like as blowing up balloons and letting them fly into the sky.

Cloe believes she will always miss a piece of James’ soul. But she is pleased that her husband’s goal – to create a large, loving family — was granted.

Cloe and the children have received a lot of help from the Green’s community. They raised almost $10,000, among other things, to rebuild the family garden and provide a safe space for the children to play.

Cloe has had to go through things that no one should have to go through, yet she has become stronger as a result of the tragedy.

It is extremely encouraging to witness her battle for herself and her children.

Please share this terrible tale to honor Cloe’s bravery and James’ wonderful parenting!

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