Hugh Grant fans are upset by the fact that he looks like a normal grandfather.

Hugh Grant is known for being very attractive. Fans of both sexes fell in love with him because of how beautiful and stylish he looked. The actor was in a number of movies that did well at the box office. Grant is known as a sex symbol of world film, and it’s not for nothing. He slept with some of the most beautiful and famous women in Hollywood.

The actor is 62 years old right now. He is now just like any other grandfather. Time has given the star a cruel punishment. His friends have called him a “depressed old man.” People on the Internet are upset about how Grant looks.

Even so, the actor doesn’t want to go to a plastic surgeon or get beauty shots. The star has chosen to just get older on his own. He doesn’t care about beating age because he likes himself as he is.

What do you say?

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