How the crippled woman made a nice family despite her condition shows that love always wins.

Rose Siggins is an amazing and strong woman who showed the whole world that nothing is impossible. In 1972, Rose was born. The baby’s mother knew right away that her girl was special. Rose went to school and lived a normal life for a teenager, even though she had a “weakness.”

Siggins said that she could never get used to how people looked at her: “They stare and don’t try to hide it, both kids and adults.” Siggins worked for a car service where she met the man she would marry. They talked on the phone a lot at work.

Rose’s life changed a lot after their first meeting. Dave asked her to marry him. “Mom persuaded me not to marry Rose,” the man said. “How will you handle her being better than you?” Once, Dave’s mother asked. “When I told doctors I was pregnant for the first time, they were shocked. “I had a healthy boy,” Siggins said.

After a few years, their daughter came into the world. Rose wasn’t going to stop trying. The smart woman took care of everything. She cleaned houses, raised kids, danced, and even had a role in a famous American TV show.

A very strange thing happened, and the woman died as a result. Rose’s body couldn’t fight off the sickness she got after having kidney stones taken out. She had just turned 43.

We can only hope that her family has the strength and health to get through their pain.

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