How does the woman’s daughter look now, twelve years after “She Gave Birth to a Child at 65”?

Valentina, a woman from Ukraine, has always wanted kids, but she has had trouble getting pregnant. At age 60, she decided to go to a family planning office for help so she could have a chance to have children.

When she found out she was going to have her first child in 2010, she had saved enough money for the surgery. Valentina had a healthy girl named Anna-Maria in 2011. This was a surprise to everyone.

Valentina chose to keep her life and that of her daughter a secret. Despite the congratulations and media attention, she avoided interviews and visits.

After four years, Valentina gave her first interview. In it, she talked about how jealousy and criticism from other people made her life hard. Anna-Maria, who is now nine years old, is a smart and kind child who helps her mother and does well in school, despite the problems she faces.

What do you think about people having kids when they are older?

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