How does the boy who looked different when he was born seven years ago look now?

Samuel Silva was born in Brazil in 2015. Everyone in the maternity hospital was surprised by how strange he looked because his skin and hair were not the same color.

Samuel became very well-known in his home country after that because of media attention and articles about him.

Everyone was shocked by how he looked, but his mother wasn’t one of them. After all, the boy was the fourth person in his family to have this trait.

Niviavea Silva looks a lot like her mother, but because they are both so old, experts think that the condition developed over time rather than being something they were born with.

Samuel never felt uncomfortable, which was different from his mother and grandma, who both felt bad about how they looked.

At the age of two, he knew he wanted to be famous and teach as many people as he could about what he knew. And he started to work toward it bit by bit.

The young man started going to a lot of interviews, where he also tried out for commercials and movies. Also, he was seen! Modeling is a great job for someone with such a unique look.

Since 2018, Samuel has been making a good living as a model. He has deals with the biggest clothes brands, his pictures are in a lot of fashion magazines, and he is a real star on the catwalk! The fact that the child likes to work 6 to 8 hours a day makes him more well-known in Brazil.

Samuel is 7 years old and is known all over the world as a model. There are also dolls made in Brazil that look like him. The boy worked very hard to reach his goal, which he had had since he was a child: to become famous.

He is now well-known and easy to spot on the street, and he has enough money to take care of his family and go on trips. Samuel wants to be a movie star, and we know he can make it.

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