How does a girl who has really big eyes live? How She Looks Years Later

Good morning. Today, our editing staff would like to tell you about a very interesting girl with very big eyes. Her mother often gets comments on social media about her daughter’s eyes, but she doesn’t know what to say because they are caused by Axenfeldt-Rieger syndrome.

Due to this, the girl can’t go outside without her sunglasses because the sun hurts her eyes.

The mom posts pictures of her daughter on all of her social media pages because Karina wants to feel like she has people to talk to. But, sadly, the internet is full of both positive and negative comments, which makes the parents nervous about their daughter’s upcoming first-grade start.

Melanie, who is almost four years old, helps her mom, Karina, take care of her two younger boys. Even with the problems, brave Karina says that their family is very happy and that her daughter’s unique looks will help her become famous and make a lot of money.

Let’s hope for the best for this young girl.

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