He’s the strongest kid in the planet. He’s 24 years old right now.

Ukrainian-born Richard Sandrak, who moved to the United States 15 years ago, is widely recognized as the strongest youngster in the world.

When Richard was very young, he started exercising often. At age 8, he could bench press more than 30 pounds! At the age of 11, he benched 53 pounds.

Now 24 years old, he doesn’t exactly fit the stereotype of a jock.

The appellation “Little Hercules” brought him several invitations to contests, TV shows, commercials, magazines, and even movies. So that their son Richard might develop to his full potential, Richard’s family uprooted and moved to California.

The boy’s father, a former martial arts world champion, monitored his son’s workouts, diet, and daily activities. The man was often reprimanded for physically abusing his son and placing excessive demands on him.

At the age of 11, Richard called the police when his father began abusing his mother. A domestic abuse charge has been filed against the man.

The boy stopped communicating with his father and eventually forgot who he was. After that, his amount of practice time gradually decreased.

In retrospect, Richard adds, “I am quite proud of my achievements as a youngster, I am not embarrassed by them, and I do not attempt to hide this chapter of my life from anyone.” Saying, “I really don’t want to live like that anymore,” he eventually comes to his senses. They tried to make me seem like a natural monster, you know.

Richard is still working out, but he isn’t as dedicated as he once was. He has made skating a daily habit and also likes running. At least five times a day on the set of the Los Angeles program “Waterworld,” he is set on fire and then must plunge into the ocean from a great height in his role as a stuntman.

A scientist engaged in quantum physics… or an engineer at NASA, why not? was his surprise response when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up.

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