Her husband referred to her as a “fat pig,” and she had the potential to become any man’s fantasy. A woman from the United States who weighed more than 100 kilos tells her story.

Alvina Rein, an American, has always been a stunning woman, but she suffered from despair. To avoid being preoccupied with her mental condition, she “jammed” her problems by eating exquisite but unhealthy cuisine.

A few years ago, fate gave her a tremendous chance, although in an unexpected way, to finally get her life in order. The reality is, Alvina already had two children and a husband who referred to her as a “fat pig” at the time.

This attitude from a loved one harmed the girl severely. As a result, she divorced her husband and began to exercise, despite the man’s repeated warnings that if he left her, she would be alone, because no one needs such a girl.

Alvina started by avoiding wheat and lowering her carbohydrate consumption. This paid off, as she lost 5 kg in only a few weeks. This outcome motivated her to work more, so she went to the gym.

As a consequence, the girl now has a gorgeous appearance. There was no sign of the girl’s earlier uneasiness, and she immediately found herself with a loved one who respects her and would not utter harsh words to her.

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