Her husband referred to her as a “fat pig,” and she had the potential to become any man’s fantasy. A woman from the United States who weighed more than 100 kg relates her experience.

Alvina Rein, an American, was always a beautiful woman, but she suffered from depression. She “jammed” her troubles by eating fine but unhealthy cuisine to avoid being obsessed with her mental condition.

A few years ago, fate provided her with an incredible opportunity, although in an unexpected way, to finally get her life in order. The truth is that Alvina already had two children and a husband who called her a “fat pig” at the time.

This attitude from a loved one deeply hurt the girl. As a result, she divorced her husband and began exercising, despite the man’s frequent warnings that if he left her, she would be alone, because no one needs a lady like her.

Alvina began by eliminating wheat and reducing her carbohydrate intake. This paid off, as she shed 5 kg in a matter of weeks. This result inspired her to work more, so she headed to the gym.

As a result, the girl now has a stunning appearance. There was no trace of the girl’s prior anxiety, and she soon found herself with a loved one who appreciates her and would not speak harshly to her.

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