Goldie Hawn, who is 77, has changed a lot. She has new facial expressions and looks like she is pouting.

A few years ago, everyone loved how Kate Hudson’s mother always looked young and beautiful. Now, though, her fans are confused by how she looks and want to watch “Overboard” a thousand times to remember what the famous actor was like.

Goldie Hawn, an American actor, was one of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars. She got most of her fame from the movie “Overboard,” in which she acted with her common-law husband, Kurt Russell. Even though they’ve been together since 1983, they’ve never tied the knot.

Goldie Hawn made her name as the star of cult comedies like “Birdie on a Wire,” “Death Looks Good on Her,” and “The First Wives Club.” She found a man she was happy with, and they’ve been together for almost 40 years. The other two of her three children were Wyatt Russell, Oliver, and Kate Hudson.

She has always been a symbol of beauty and youth. Fans were always excited when she showed up in public from time to time. And a lot of girls tried to live the healthy way Goldie did, which she wrote about in magazines.

After all, Goldie has always pushed for reasonable HVA and nature that hasn’t been changed. She only uses creams and likes home remedies; citric acid and coconut oil are her go-to products. Her hair has also never been dyed. The star says she doesn’t even go to cosmetologists, but she rubs her face every day.

The actor writes on her blog about simple workouts like yoga, jumping on a trampoline, and lifting her arms with dumbbells she makes out of wine bottles. She is also honest about what makes her beautiful: a good attitude and being thankful for what she has.

But the last time the star showed up on the internet, everyone was shocked. The 77-year-old actor has changed a lot since she was younger. She looks like she is tired of fighting aging on her own, so she has chosen to get help from plastic doctors. But based on what happened, it looks like she made things worse. The “duck” of the mouth shows an expressionless face, a swollen face, and a face that doesn’t look like an oval.

The actress who used to be a Hollywood starlet has changed a lot. People on the Internet tease Goldie for watching too many “Duck Tales” movies. What else could she have done to hurt her face?

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