Goldie Hawn, 77, is revealed in paparazzi images, and everyone is saying the same thing.

Almost everyone has heard of Goldie Hawn. Because of her enormously successful career, the actress has been a constant in the American media for decades.

Behind the scenes, Hawn and her actor lover Kurt Russell have been together for four decades (they celebrated their 40th anniversary on Valentine’s Day this year), and they’ve stayed as devoted to one another as they were from the start.

Given the myriad allures and diversions that life in the spotlight can offer, it’s a miracle that neither has ever appeared to step on the wrong foot.

Kurt and Goldie’s unshakable loyalty to one other is what makes their love so exceptional – and, we may add, so real in the eyes of the public. They don’t use their romance to boost their notoriety, and they’ve never been involved in scandals or press stunts to derail the locomotive PR train.

Instead, theirs looks to be a coupling from another period, an inspirational and highly pleasing union that reminds us all what true love is all about.

They not only adore one another, but they also protect one another when they are questioned by the media. In fact, Russell recently defended Hawn when she was called terrible names by internet trolls and some fairly nasty paparazzi images of her surfaced online.

In one shot, she is wearing ugg boots, quilted leggings, and a black turtleneck in Aspen, Colorado. She looks wonderful at 77, but most people couldn’t help but notice how old she now seems, cruelly claiming she’s “gone too far” and no longer resembles herself.

Hawn has battled agism in Hollywood by just dismissing the insults, accepting her age, and not allowing the taunting bother her. Russell is also a huge fan of Hawn, who told People magazine that Russell informed her before a dinner date, “You’re unbelievable.” I can’t get over how [beautiful] you are.”

After 40 years, the pair is still as in love as they were when they first met, and their love story exemplifies the strength of love. Despite receiving negative public feedback regarding their looks, the pair remains unaffected.

Hawn, in particular, exudes elegance and confidence as she accepts the natural aging process.

What do you think about Goldie Hawn’s appearance at the age of 77? Has she gone too far, as the trolls claim, or is she aging gracefully? Tell us in the comments!

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