Girl Almost Died After Facial, Lips Halfway Up Her Face

The 23-year-old influencer’s terrible attempt to improve her appearance failed. Quincke’s edema caused Cartier Bugatti, real name Kristina Vishnivetskaya, to be brought to the hospital.

Cartier Bugatti, one of the “Let’s Get Married!” contestants, barely avoided a deadly response after a cosmetic operation gone wrong caused her lips to grow to exaggerated sizes.

After she supported her buddy on the television program “Let’s Get Married!” she quickly became a meme. The blonde was ridiculed for her amusing words and quips, like the time she famously said on the show that Novosibirsk is a planet. She later appeared as a guest on the “Male/Female” show. However, Christina decided to take advantage of the fame rather than becoming angry over the mockery.

Under the alias Cartier Bugatti, she has currently established herself as a successful blogger. She frequently astounded her fans with drastic changes, not hesitant to get plastic surgery to get the desired appearance.

However, a typical trip to the cosmetologist almost resulted in death. Christina made the decision to somewhat lessen her swollen lips, but she had a terrible response to the anesthetic gel. As a result, the blogger was checked into a Moscow hospital’s intensive care unit. I’m essentially allergic to lip reduction. I’ve only ever had enhancements, therefore I wasn’t aware of my sensitivity to the removal gel. My allergic response was aggravated by the medication given to me by the ambulance when it came, according to Vishnivetskaya.

She was glad that she received prompt medical care, avoiding the cosmetic operation from being lethal, because she is from Samara. “The doctors stated I arrived barely in time to prevent the swelling from preventing my breathing. But it’s unclear when I can go home because my body reacts poorly to the drug and Quincke’s edema is quite hazardous,” the blogger stated.

The patient was shocked at the state of the public hospital despite this. She bemoaned the dairy, sugar, and gluten-containing meals that would aggravate her allergies. “There are four people, and there isn’t even a private room. In such hospitals, the suffering is intolerable, and I am furious at the indifference. But I had no choice because of the emergency. It wouldn’t have been prudent for me to leave the hospital and run the danger of being transferred,” Cartier Bugatti said.

She was released from the hospital and sent back home when the life-threatening situation was over. Christina estimated that she would require at least a week to recuperate properly. “My entire face and neck are covered in a hideous swelling. My face still appears to be twice as large as usual. I have no memory of what it was like to not have a face that felt as heavy as forty pounds. I feel as though I have put on a hundred pounds due to the edema. They also gave me a hormone-based drug, which makes me appear bloated. It’s like to losing weight and then gaining 10 kg in a single day, the influencer continued.

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