Even though everyone told her not to, she had her son: What does the weird couple’s son look like now?

By putting pictures of their child on the Internet, Artem and Daria got a lot of attention. Unlike her chosen one, Dasha is a full-grown healthy girl. Our heroine of the day told her readers that she never paid attention to her husband’s looks because Artem is an interesting person to talk to and a good family man.

Dasha was misunderstood by her fans after the birth of her son. The fans thought that Daria had given birth to a son from another man because the boy didn’t look like his father. The girl tells people on the Internet that the baby’s father is her husband.

Even though there is a lot of bad stuff on the Internet, Artem and Daria post pictures of themselves on Instagram and tell their friends about their lives. It’s important to note that the guy doesn’t just sit around. Artem has a virtual job.

A young man works as a programmer to take care of his wife and young son. All that is left to do is wish this wonderful pair happiness and patience.

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