“Even her young husband was embarrassed” Heidi Klum, 49, donned a flowery gown with a plunging neckline.

Heidi Klum is now 49 years old, but she remains one of the world’s prettiest models. The reason for this is that the German beauty, despite her age, always looks lovely. The model has a slim physique and almost no wrinkles, and she remains popular among designers at well-known fashion brands.

It’s no surprise that Heidi inspires envy among young models. The magnificent actress has a young attractive spouse in addition to her appeal and the presence of huge projects. Tom Kaulitz, the guitarist for “Tokyo Hotel,” is 33 years old and has been happily married to Klum since 2019.

Many people doubted their union because of the large age gap, but the pair demonstrates every day that they are enthusiastic about one other and in deep love.

However, in order to preserve passion and remain forever youthful, Heidi frequently experiments with quite candid imagery that even the most loyal followers of the 90s supermodel are occasionally horrified by.

Klum wore a tight black jumpsuit with huge red flowers to supper with her adored hubby the other day. The image’s “highlight” was the plunging neckline, which nearly totally displayed Heidi’s lovely breasts.

Although the model looked lovely, not all admirers were pleased with the star’s expensive appearance. Many people thought Heidi’s neckline was excessively high.

“I thought the chest would fall out,” “Heidi dressed up too vulgarly,” “I don’t like it at all,” “She will be naked soon,” “Her husband was already embarrassed by her appearance,” “She is getting younger,” and “What a strange jumpsuit,” Internet users said.

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